Jagger, Dylan, Quincy Jones react to death of Little Richard

A profound

“He was the biggest inspiration of my early teens and his music still has the same raw electric energy when you play it now as it did when it first shot through the music scene in the mid ’50s.”

Mick Jagger

“He was my shining star and guiding light back when I was only a little boy. His was the original spirit that moved me to do everything I would do.’’


Bob Dylan

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“Every moment spent in Richard’s company was a thrill.”

Quincy Jones

“He was one of a kind and I will miss him dearly.”

Jerry Lee Lewis


“The King Of Rock And Roll. Zero Questions. Journalists Do Your Job. Not ARCHITECT not PIONEER. not HITMAKER. This man was literally THE BLUEPRINT of all the world took from.”


“#LittleRichard was a genius, pure and simple. He paved the way for (code for he was ripped off by) so many artists.”

Bette Midler

“Without a doubt — musically, vocally and visually — he was my biggest influence.”


Elton John

“God bless Little Richard one of my all-time musical heroes.’’

Ringo Starr

“Rest In Peace To One Of The True Creators Of Rock And Roll.”

Spike Lee

“He was THE ORIGINAL GLAM ROCKER, and he took a lot of abuse for being in the first wave. He forged a path for all of us who followed.’’

Joan Jett

“It’s Little Richard’s songs that pioneered rock ’n roll.

Jimmy Page

“#LittleRichard Rest in peace and power.’’

Carole King

“The loss of a true giant.’’

Nile Rodgers

“You were AWESOME #LittleRichard!!! Your talent will reverberate forever.”

Viola Davis

“The man who invented Rock and Roll. Elvis popularized it. Chuck Berry was the storyteller. Richard was the archetype.’’

Steven Van Zandt

“I served soul food brunch to Little Richard every Sunday for a year while waitressing at Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch in LA. I was a college student. He tipped me a crisp $100 bill each week on a $75 breakfast with friends.’’

Ava DuVernay