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Alan Wirzbicki

Alan Wirzbicki has worked at the Globe in various capacities since 2004, including Washington correspondent, political reporter, and senior editorial writer. He lives in Jamaica Plain.

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As the US exits the Pacific trade deal, Japan steps in to fill the void

By Alan Wirzbicki , Globe Staff

One consequence of the Trump administration’s chaotic approach to foreign policy is that it’s forcing allies to shoulder leadership roles, big and small, once filled by United States.


Newton judge should not continue to sit on criminal cases


No matter how much one may credit her good intentions, Judge Shelley A. Joseph should not continue to sit on criminal cases until her own legal situation is resolved.


Trump’s attacks on judiciary echo his press bashing


Make no mistake, Trump chooses his battles carefully, and his choice to disparage yet another institution critical to a well-functioning democracy is no idle rant.


Thanks for nothing, Trump. Trade war has cranberry growers seeing red


The little red fruit has been drawn into President Trump’s trade wars. To ease the pain, the federal government should extend financial assistance to cranberry growers.