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Alan Wirzbicki

Alan Wirzbicki has worked at the Globe in various capacities since 2004, including Washington correspondent, political reporter, and senior editorial writer. He lives in Jamaica Plain.

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Trump’s big leap backward on climate


The fact that the country has managed to cut methane emissions with no noticeable economic impact apparently means nothing to an administration that seems almost to takes pleasure in harming the global environment.

Ideas | Alan Wirzbicki

The free, all-natural, and quite handsome solution to Lyme disease and other tick maladies

By Alan Wirzbicki , Globe Staff

Deer are needed to spread Lyme disease. What if we brought back their natural predators?


An investment in future pays off with new Orange Line cars


If the state wants anything resembling (or smelling like) a world-class transportation system, it’s going to have to pony up the money for it.


Cities and towns make progress on housing


It’s way too soon to declare victory, but municipalities are beginning to make a dent in the state housing crisis.