Robert Weisman

Robert Weisman reports on Baby Boomers -- their work, health, money, and lifestyle -- and life after 50. He is particularly interested in retirement and reinvention, aging, and second acts. In his 18 years at The Globe, Weisman has previously worked as a technology editor and a business writer covering high-tech and venture capital, aerospace, management issues, hospitals, health insurance, and life sciences. Before coming to The Globe, he was a business editor and writer for the Seattle Times, Hartford Courant, and New Haven Register. He is a native of Norwich, Conn., and a graduate of Boston University.

Latest stories

Growing old and back in the ‘bouncy house,’ more grandparents are raising grandkids

By , Globe Staff

An estimated 35,000 grandparents in Massachusetts are raising grandchildren — a contingent that’s swelled over the past two decades amid a spike in drug addiction and a host of other ills that have sidelined the parents.

‘Disconnected from other folks,’ seniors grapple with a loneliness epidemic

By , Globe Staff

In an increasingly digital and mobile era, fewer people know their neighbors, generations are divided by lifestyles and activities, and more seniors live alone than ever.

Invisible no more: Social Security will soon slide into insolvency

By , Globe Staff

Barring Washington getting over its dysfunction and fixing Social Security, the program may soon have to cut benefits for tens of millions of retirees.

Passing the torch: Cardiologist prepares younger colleagues to confront nuclear threat

By , Globe Staff

More than three decades after he won the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. James Muller is again spreading the word about the growing threat of nuclear war.