Dan Wasserman

Wasserman has been cartooning for the Globe editorial page since 1985. He has published two collections of drawings, “We've Been Framed” and “Paper Cuts.” His cartoons are widely reprinted and are syndicated internationally by Tribune Media Services. He draws more quickly than he types.

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Editorial Cartoon | Dan Wasserman

President Trump threatens liberal cities

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Cartoonist Dan Wasserman envisions the reactions to Trump’s threats.

Editorial Cartoon | Dan Wassernan

Seeking tax equity with President Trump

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Cartoonist Dan Wasserman envisions one taxpayer’s request to the IRS.


GOP unveils its alternative to ‘Obamacare’

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Call it a healthcare gap, if you will.

Editorial Cartoon | Dan Wasserman

Trump’s retort to the Mueller report

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Cartoonist Dan Wasserman envisions President Trump’s response to the Mueller report.