Adam Vaccaro

Adam Vaccaro covers transportation, infrastructure, and commuter issues for the Globe. Adam commutes mostly by bike and subway, though he shares a car with his wife. A native of Massachusetts, he has previously written for, Inc. magazine, and the Patriot Ledger.

Latest stories

Uber, Lyft use skyrocketing in Massachusetts

By Allison Hagan and , Globe Correspondent and Globe Staff

Ride-hailing companies completed 81.3 million rides in Massachusetts during 2018 — a whopping 25 percent increase from the previous year.

House approves ban on hand-held phones while driving

By and , Globe Staff

A hand-held device ban has long languished on Beacon Hill despite twice passing the Senate in recent legislative session and gaining support among the wider public.

Starts & Stops

Late-night T service faces another reckoning

By , Globe Staff

With few riders, T officials are considering whether to continue offering bus service on certain routes until 2:30 a.m.

MBTA puts price tag for fixing the system at $10 billion

By , Globe Staff

Just a few years ago, in 2015, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said its repair backlog stood at $7.3 billion.