Adam Vaccaro

Adam Vaccaro covers transportation, infrastructure, and commuter issues for the Globe. Adam commutes mostly by bike and subway, though he shares a car with his wife. A native of Massachusetts, he has previously written for, Inc. magazine, and the Patriot Ledger.

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New cars and new promises, but it’s the same old Orange Line

By and , Globe Staff

Breakdowns, service interruptions, malfunctioning new cars — it’s been a mess during the first snowy week of the season.

New Orange Line cars pulled from service due to ‘uncommon noise,’ return date unknown

By and , Globe Staff

Hours after three decades-old Orange Line trains broke down during the Wednesday morning commute, MBTA officials detailed the problems holding up new subway cars that are expected to eventually replace them.

Driving is surging in Massachusetts. Gas tax revenue? Not so much

By , Globe Staff

Gas tax collections by Mass. have barely increased over the past five years. The main reason behind this trend is improvements in fuel efficiency, as more motorists replace older cars with hybrids and vehicles that get significantly higher gas mileage.

New cell phone ban changes rules for drivers

By , Globe Staff

Governor Charlie Baker on Monday signed the hand-held phone ban into law in a bid to cut down on distracted driving.