Beth Teitell

Beth Teitell is a features writer at the Boston Globe. She aims to capture the zeitgeist of modern culture by writing on the intersection of technology, the economy, sports and politics with everyday life. Her on-air commentaries run on public radio’s popular Marketplace program and she appears regularly on local radio and TV. She has written two books.

Latest stories

“If I die now, have I lived the life I wanted to?”

By , Globe Staff

If an entire region can have an existential crisis, we’re having one. Spouses are being left, retirements pushed up, friends dropped. People are moving to rural spots and strengthening their faith, and those fortunate enough to have a choice are saying “no” to commuting.

’Til a fight over coronavirus precautions do us part

By , Globe Staff

Pandemic stress is drawing some couples closer, but others are disagreeing about every curve this virus throws at us.

We can take road trips now. But where are we supposed to go to the bathroom?

By , Globe Staff

Many public restrooms are closed, and of those that are open, some were too filthy even pre-COVID-19. Others look clean, but who knows who else is — or was — in there shedding the virus?

How the pandemic looks to a 3-year-old

By , Globe Staff

COVID-19 has largely spared young children from death and illness. But parents are worrying about a secondhand threat: the social and emotional toll.