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Peter Schworm

Peter Schworm became an Metro editor last year after working as a reporter for more than 15 years.

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A parting glass to O’Leary’s pub

By , Globe Staff

It paid tribute to the easy, forgiving spirit of O’Leary’s, a charmed place where time scattered and the world fell away, where music and stories and laughter filled the air, where you were understood. Where glorious pints of Guinness, perhaps the finest found anywhere this side of Galway, were poured with pride and exquisite care.


A depth of joy only sorrow can find

By , Globe Staff

For the first time in weeks, my troubles fell away, swept aside by something that felt like grace.

Joseph Tauro, first federal judge to strike down Defense of Marriage Act, dies at 87

By and , Globe Staff

Judge Tauro, appointed by President Nixon in 1972, had served as chief judge of US District Court in Boston from 1992 to 1999.

Red Sox’ triumphant tour rolls through Boston

By , , , and John Hilliard , Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent

Fans celebrated the Red Sox’ ninth World Series championship Wednesday along with team members in a rolling rally that wound its way through the streets of Boston.