Jenna Russell

A contributor to award-winning Globe projects including “68 Blocks: Life, Death, Hope,” based on a year of reporting in a Boston neighborhood, Jenna Russell is a co-author of two Globe books: “Last Lion,” a biography of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, and “Long Mile Home,” about the Boston Marathon bombing. As a member of the Spotlight investigative team, she helped expose failures of the state’s mental health care system, work that was recognized as a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2017.

Latest stories

My kids wanted to know: What exactly did Jefferson do at Monticello, anyway?

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We built a vacation around a lyric from ‘Hamilton,’ and the history lesson kept my daughters’ imaginations alive.

As his Alzheimer’s looms, Charles and Pam Ogletree take one last walk in love

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Ogletree was a giant of the law, a force of nature and for justice. Then came Alzheimer’s, and the cruel unraveling.

What’s better left unsaid in Bellingham? Politics

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This was the most closely divided town in Mass. in 2016, a mere 26 votes out of almost 9,000 deciding the race locally in favor of Donald Trump — straining relationships and subtly rearranging public discourse.

Neighboring schools, worlds apart

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The opportunity gap in our public schools is vast, a fact made plain in two schools, nearly neighbors but in different worlds. For those on the short end, the road up is made more difficult. The question is: Why?