Jenna Russell

A contributor to award-winning Globe projects including “68 Blocks: Life, Death, Hope,” based on a year of reporting in a Boston neighborhood, Jenna Russell is a co-author of two Globe books: “Last Lion,” a biography of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, and “Long Mile Home,” about the Boston Marathon bombing. As a member of the Spotlight investigative team, she helped expose failures of the state’s mental health care system, work that was recognized as a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2017.

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The Great Divide

A tale of two schools and the way they teach — or fail to teach — about racism

By and Bianca Vázquez Toness , Globe Staff

This tale of two schools and the ways in which they talk —and avoid talking — about race is reflective of a broader divide in America, where people in majority-white settings have long shied away from discussions of race, to the detriment of all.


With some remote learning likely for the fall, schools agonize over how much Zoom time to impose

By , Globe Staff

With very little time — or training — educators across Massachusetts tried to move their teaching online. Many took one of two opposite approaches, each with drawbacks: Offering very limited real-time interaction with teachers; or striving to replicate the normal school schedule online.

High school sophomores to take MCAS next year, state plan recommends

By , Globe Staff

Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley laid out the state's plan in a memo Tuesday but acknowledged that plans could change “depending of the evolving nature of the pandemic."

Repaying a kindness: Resettled Syrian tailor shares mask-making skills with those who guided him to safety

By , Globe Staff

He arrived as a refugee from wartorn Syria, a young tailor with a family in need of virtually everything. Today, Abdulkader Hayani's family is taking on a new role: not as victims this time, but as capable leaders making face masks for people in need.