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Adam Sandler lets ‘60 Minutes’ tour his childhood home in N.H.

By , Globe Staff

The interview comes as Sandler seeks to drum up interest in his new critically acclaimed movie, “Uncut Gems,” which will be in theaters later this month.

The first trailer for the new James Bond movie just dropped

By , Globe Staff

The first official trailer for the new James Bond movie, “No Time To Die,” was released Wednesday, with an action-packed 2-and-a-half minutes.

Here’s what Peloton had to say about the viral reaction to its ‘Grace in Boston’ ad

By , Globe Staff

A seemingly innocuous commercial featuring “Grace in Boston” led to visceral reactions, with many criticizing it as sexist and demeaning. Peloton shared its side with the Globe on Wednesday morning.

Here’s why people are reacting so viscerally to the ‘Grace in Boston’ Peloton commercial

By , Globe Staff

On its surface, the commercial seems innocuous enough. However, the holiday-themed ad featuring “Grace in Boston” has sparked a slew of horrified and disgusted reactions.