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Voting by mail in New England? Coronavirus could lead to the biggest changes in the way Americans vote in more than half a century

By , Globe Staff

The traditional way, after all, doesn’t exactly adhere to social distancing.

What are the chances of a widespread power outage during the coronavirus crisis? Low

By , Globe Staff

“There is no reason for immediate concern,” said Dan Dolan, president of the New England Power Generators Association. “This system is stable. The system is reliable. But we are keeping an enormous amount of watch over this and thinking through the complications.”

As attention turns to Tuesday’s vote in Michigan, one county tests both Sanders and Biden

By , Globe Staff

Michigan voters will test former vice president Joe Biden’s claim that he can rebuild Barack Obama’s winning coalition of Blacks, white liberals, and Reagan Democrats in a state that will be critical in the general election.

How to watch the election results on Super Tuesday

By and , Globe Staff

Millions of voters in more than a dozen states will go to the polls on Tuesday and cast their votes in the race for the Democratic nomination. That's a lot to keep track of.