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Jennifer Peter

Jennifer Peter helps run the newsroom as one of the Globe’s senior editors, coordinating between departments and ensuring that a steady flow of enterprising and interesting stories flow to the website throughout the day. She switched to this position after more than seven years as the Globe’s metro editor, overseeing almost all aspects of local news. She began her career as a reporter for 12 years, covering mainly politics at newspapers in Idaho, Connecticut, Virginia and Massachusetts. She joined the Globe in 2004 as an editor of one of its regional editions. Two years later, she became the State House editor. From there, she became city editor for three years, before taking over as Metro editor. She lives in South Boston with her husband and two children.

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As a kid, summer camp was an adventure. As a parent, it’s bittersweet

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I loved the experience as a kid, and I want my daughter to have that too. But the letting go is tougher than I expected.

Let me be polite, because you aren’t. Please don’t recline.

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In my book, unapologetic airplane recliners are on the same page as people who smoke cigars on beaches, talk in movie theaters, and don’t clean up after their dogs.


About the series

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Five Boston Globe reporters, as well as a team of photographers, videographers, and data visualization specialists, spent the year focused on the Bowdoin-Geneva section of Dorchester, a neighborhood often identified with the violence that has erupted there with disconcerting regularity over the decades, despite repeated city efforts to quell it.