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Marty Pantages

Pantages is a page designer and copy editor on the Sports desk. He began working at the Globe in January 1999. Before that, he worked in a variety of positions at newspapers in Macon, Ga.; Orange County, Calif.; Miami; and Minneapolis.

Latest stories

Visitor information for Tennis Hall of Fame

By , Globe Staff

What you need to know about visiting the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport. R.I.

Tennis Hall set to unveil $3m face lift

By , Globe Staff

The Newport, R.I., shrine reopens its doors with a new look that includes interactive exhibits and a hologram.

Impressions from the four tournaments

By , Globe Staff

Although we sat quietly for most of the time, a leisurely trek of 12-plus years that encompassed some 38,000 miles, three continents, and most importantly the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments was filled with five sets worth of impressions.

A Grand Slam tour of the tennis world

By , Globe Staff

Our Marty Pantages recently completed a tour of the world’s four major tennis tournaments, a trek of 12-plus years that encompassed some 38,000 miles.