Naomi Martin

Naomi Martin covers the politics, business and societal impact of marijuana legalization. A Massachusetts native, Martin joined the Globe in 2018 from The Dallas Morning News, where she was part of a team named a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the July 7 murders of five police officers.

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In legalizing marijuana, Canada did everything differently. Here’s what we can learn

By , Globe Staff

Though it approached legalization very differently than Mass., Canada is grappling with some of the same challenges: high prices, short supplies, a robust black market.

Boston’s first recreational marijuana store receives preliminary license, could open within months

By , Globe Staff

Pure Oasis also became the first licensee in the state’s economic empowerment program, which helps people from groups hurt by the war on drugs.

A Revere veteran’s legal marijuana job cost him a VA loan. Now, Congress is stepping in

By , Globe Staff

In response to the veteran’s experience, the US House passed a measure banning the VA from considering veterans’ legal cannabis income as a reason to deny them their benefits.

As Mass. debates marijuana cafes, Colorado’s burgeoning scene offers insights

By , Globe Staff

Five years after Colorado legalized pot following a campaign that it should be treated like alcohol, consumers say having cannabis bars is the next step in their evolution.