Naomi Martin

Naomi Martin covers the politics, business and societal impact of marijuana legalization. A Massachusetts native, Martin joined the Globe in 2018 from The Dallas Morning News, where she was part of a team named a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the July 7 murders of five police officers.

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New poll: Mass. residents still down with legalization

By , Globe Staff

It’s been two years since nearly 54 percent of Massachusetts voters said “yes” to legalized cannabis. But how are people feeling about the whole thing these days?

Marijuana delivery: How Mass. may try to help those hurt by war on drugs

By , Globe Staff

The state’s cannabis panel said the only businesses and people to receive licenses for delivery services for five years should be those disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs.

Beyond indica and sativa: Here’s what’s coming to a pot shop near you

By , Globe Staff

Whether you’re going to a party, having trouble sleeping, or suffering pain, there’s a pot product for you. And it might be a tea, a powder, or a dissolving strip.

Acton medical marijuana dispensary shut down; dangerous violations alleged

By , Globe Staff

State inspectors say they found dangerous violations related to security, sanitation, waste disposal, and product labeling, officials said.