Kay Lazar

Kay Lazar is a member of the Globe’s team of strike force reporters who investigate people and events in the news to uncover the full story and hold leaders accountable for their actions. Her experience combines more than two decades of print and broadcast reporting. She previously worked as a news writer and producer at ABC and CBS radio networks.

Latest stories

Federal regulators see no issue with state’s early education spending

By , Globe Staff

The state’s congressional delegation raised questions last month, saying Mass. improperly used federal money targeted for low-income children.

For foster parents, chaotic state system makes job even harder

By , Globe Staff

The parents describe a chaotic state system that fails to supply them with vital information and training, or sufficient psychological support for kids who badly need it.

A fix for the state’s broken foster care system? Lawmakers pledge action

By , Globe Staff

In the state’s overwhelmed state child protection system, youngsters are bounced from one emergency foster home to another because there aren’t enough safe havens for all of them.

In a broken foster system, some kids can’t find a bed for the night

By , Globe Staff

Almost every night, social workers, with kids in their back seats, are crisscrossing Mass. or camping out at a 24-hour McDonald’s as they await word of a foster family with space for another child.