Kay Lazar

Kay Lazar is a member of the Globe’s team of strike force reporters who investigate people and events in the news to uncover the full story and hold leaders accountable for their actions. Her experience combines more than two decades of print and broadcast reporting. She previously worked as a news writer and producer at ABC and CBS radio networks.

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How accurate are coronavirus tests? Doctors raise concern about ‘false-negative’ results

By and , Globe Staff

This phenomenon of “false negatives” is not new; no medical test is 100 percent accurate, but the stakes here are incredibly high.

Governor Baker is launching a major effort to trace infected people’s contacts. Some say it might be too late

By and , Globe Staff

The initiative will enlist more than 1,200 public health college students to ease the burden on local health boards by collecting information from people potentially infected by each COVID-19 patient.

Shutdowns and stay-at-home orders may be slowing spread of coronavirus, new data show

By , and , Globe Staff

The dramatic social distancing measures in Massachusetts and beyond have shown the first potential hints of slowing the advance of the novel coronavirus, evidence that public health officials said underscores the importance of keeping people home to blunt the impact of an increasingly deadly pandemic.

Why does it seem the rich and famous get tested for coronavirus while others don’t? It’s complicated

By and , Globe Staff

Who is more likely to get tested for COVID-19? Power and prestige certainly help — witness the Boston Celtics enlisting a private company to conduct testing — but differing interpretations by health care providers of federal and state testing guidelines also play an outsized role.