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Meredith Goldstein

Meredith Goldstein is an advice columnist and entertainment reporter for The Boston Globe. Her advice column, Love Letters, is a daily dispatch of wisdom for the lovelorn that has been running online and in the paper for nine years (as of 1/22/18). In 2018 she’ll release two books: “Can’t Help Myself: Lessons and Confessions From a Modern Advice Columnist,” a memoir (Grand Central), and “Chemistry Lessons” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), a young adult novel about a young woman who tries to use science to manipulate her love life. Meredith loves all relationship and entertainment tips. She also loves cotton candy and Skittles.

Latest stories

love letters

I know I can’t love him

By , Globe Staff

I feel like I can’t ever really “love” again. As if that part of me is just ... irreparably broken.

Love Letters

Is there a future with my ex?

By , Globe Staff

Fast forward five years with no communication and boom — there he is.

Love Letters

We said we’d check in 60 days after our breakup. Do I have to?

By ,

In hindsight, I’m rethinking that agreement.

Love Letters

My husband of 20 years wants to separate

By , Globe Staff

I suggested counseling and he said he does not believe it will help.