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Marcela García

Marcela García writes editorials -- the daily unsigned essays representing the official view of the Boston Globe as a community institution -- and is a member of the Globe editorial board. García has been part of the op-ed and editorial pages since early 2014.

Previously, she was a correspondent for Telemundo Boston, a special contributor to the Boston Business Journal, and the editor of El Planeta, Boston’s largest Spanish-language publication.

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Opinion | Marcela García

Latina power finally surfaces in Boston politics

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There will be two Latinas on the ballot Tuesday seeking an at-large seat on the Boston City Council: Alejandra St. Guillen and Julia Mejia.


Dear Hollywood: Take a stance for women’s rights and boycott Georgia

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Hollywood should protest antiabortion legislation in Georgia by withdrawing its productions from the state.

Opinion | Marcela García

Ocasio-Cortez comes to town and explains why a local election matters

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The charismatic new congresswoman makes her first endorsement in a hyper-local race.


Why are most Democrats not confronting Trump on immigration?

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Castro is the only Democratic presidential candidate who has a sweeping platform on immigration.