Felicia Gans

Felicia Gans is the producer for the Globe’s marijuana coverage. She operates the marijuana homepage, manages social media for the section’s stories, and assists with breaking news. Felicia also writes obituaries for the Globe. She began working at the Globe in college, working mostly in the Metro section as a breaking news reporter on weekends and evenings. After graduating in 2017, she was an overnight homepage producer for more than a year.

Latest stories

A Salem marijuana dispensary says it ran out of flower. The state commission says that’s not true

By and , Globe Staff

“It’s not a physical inventory issue. It’s literally a recording issue, and it’s a data-entry issue,” said Cannabis Control Commission chairman Steven Hoffman.

Salem marijuana shop closed to recreational customers until further notice

By , Globe Staff

Customers seeking to buy recreational marijuana products at a Salem dispensary are out of luck for now.

Salem marijuana store temporarily ‘out of flower,’ citing technical glitch

By , Globe Staff

It’s not clear whether the “glitch” is affecting others, but several other recreational stores are reportedly operating business as usual Tuesday.

A Senate bill — called S. 420 — has been filed to legalize marijuana

By , Globe Staff

In the House of Representatives, the legislation number H.R. 420 was reserved last month. Now, there’s a similarly dubbed bill in the Senate.