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Devra First

Devra First is the Globe’s food writer and restaurant critic. She writes features about the world of food, restaurant reviews, and critical pieces exploring the cultural and societal meaning of food and restaurants.

First has worked at the Globe as a writer and editor since 2000. She was previously the Globe’s food editor. She has also served as assistant arts editor in the Globe’s Living/Arts department and worked at the Boston Phoenix (RIP). First is originally from New York.

Latest stories

Quick Bite

Near North Station, a water view and a civilized meal

By , Globe Staff

Alcove is the first restaurant from Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, whom you may know from his time working at Craigie on Main and Island Creek Oyster Bar.


A food critic eats at Papa Gino’s for the first time

By , Globe Staff

Papa Gino’s has filed for Chapter 11, closed dozens of shops, and laid off more than 1,000 people. Globe food critic Devra First wants to figure something out: How is the food? Is this a loss?

Devra First

Barbara Lynch has influenced Boston dining for 20 years. I ate at all of her restaurants to find out how they are today.

By , Globe Staff

After No. 9 Park, the Southie girl who never wanted to leave Boston just kept opening new places to eat and drink.

Perspective | Magazine

My Instagram account got hacked — and I’m glad

By ,

Globe food critic Devra First woke up one day following thousands of people she didn’t recognize. When she started to undo the damage, she realized she didn’t want to.