Andrea Estes

Estes is an investigative reporter specializing in government accountability. She has covered the State House, Boston City Hall, and the federal courts and served on the Spotlight investigative team exposing corrupt hiring practices in the state Probation Department. Her reporting on former House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi led to federal corruption charges.

Latest stories

Watchdog group calls for investigation of US Rep. Lori Trahan’s campaign funds

By , Globe Staff

Trahan said she used personal funds to make big loans to her 2018 campaign, but the Campaign Legal Center says the numbers don’t add up.

Bed sores, smeared faces, helplessness: New reports paint dismal picture of care at VA nursing homes

By and Donovan Slack , Globe Staff and USA Today

Outside investigators cited more than half of Veterans Administration nursing homes for living conditions that harmed or endangered their frail residents.

Questions raised about source of late funds that helped carry Rep. Lori Trahan to victory

By , Globe Staff

One campaign finance expert said Trahan’s sudden infusion of campaign funds “seems unlikely to have an innocent explanation.”

Drunken encounter at car dealership lays bare problems with police at Bedford VA

By , Globe Staff

VA police Officer Thomas Reddy Jr. was arrested last month after an angry encounter at a Burlington car dealership. Now, he’s facing dismissal and the Bedford VA police chief has been suspended.