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Larry Edelman

Larry Edelman oversees coverage of local, regional, and business news. He was editor of the Business section from May 2015 to May 2017. Before that he was a senior editor at the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News. A graduate of Cornell University, he first worked at the Globe from 1989 to 1999, including five years as business editor. He lives in Dorchester.

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What the Stop & Shop picket line says about 2020

By , Globe Staff

The parade of pols backing the striking workers underscores the pivotal role the issue of economic security will play in the coming campaign.

Joe Biden rallies with striking Stop & Shop workers

By , Globe Staff

The former vice president appeared Thursday at a store in Dorchester on the eighth day of the walkout by 31,000 workers in Mass., R.I., and Conn.

How a corner grocer ended up in the hands of a global supermarket giant

By , Globe Staff

Stop & Shop has been hit by a strike less than three years after its parent company combined with the owner of Hannaford to create Ahold Delhaize Group.


Playing the patent application game, China-style

By , Globe Staff

Tech entrepreneur Eric Giler has teamed up with Ciprun Group to handle patent, trademark, and copyright applications for US companies in China.