Stephanie Ebbert

Stephanie Ebbert has been a Boston Globe reporter since 1997, covering local news and state politics and documenting some of the most closely watched campaigns in the country, including those of US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown. In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, she shifted her focus to gender issues, documenting women’s political engagement and tracking their status in society, in politics, and in the workplace. A native of Shillington, Pennsylvania, Stephanie graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in English/Journalism. She previously worked for the Reading Eagle-Times, the Harrisburg Patriot-News, and Prevention magazine.

Latest stories

Clark, Pressley introduce bill to expand workplace protections for #MeToo cases

By , Globe Staff

The bill would expand protections for many workers who are not explicitly protected under federal law.

What She Said

Too young to get married — but not to end a pregnancy?

By , Globe Staff

Lawmakers on Beacon Hill are considering two bills: One would impose a minimum age of 18 to get married, the other would let a young woman get an abortion at any age.

Mass. GOP accuses abortion rights activists of supporting ‘infanticide’

By , Globe Staff

An attempt by Democrats on Beacon Hill to expand abortion access in Massachusetts has run into harsh blowback from the state Republican Party.

Trump intends to cut family planning funds. Massachusetts is poised to replace them.

By , Globe staff

The House voted Wednesday to pass such a measure, and the Senate and Governor Charlie Baker are expected to approve.