Maria Cramer

Maria Cramer covers the criminal justice system, including federal and state courts. She has worked at the Boston Globe since 2004. Since that time, she has covered the suburbs, Boston Police, and breaking crime stories. She was one of the lead reporters in an award-winning, five-part series about the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood of Boston. In 2013, she was part of the metro staff that covered the Boston Marathon bombings and would win the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news. In 2016, she spent a year on the Spotlight Team working on the series, “The Desperate and the Dead,” which was named a Pulitzer finalist.

Latest stories

Former CEO said he was made the ‘fall guy’ for opioid maker Insys

By , Globe Staff

It was the third day of testimony for Michael Babich, who presided over an aggressive marketing campaign to sell the painkiller Subsys.

Rachael Rollins prepared to investigate Boston-based assault allegations against Va. lieutenant governor

By and , Globe Staff

Justin Fairfax, the lieutenant governor of Virginia, could be investigated by Rachael Rollins’s office for the alleged assault of a woman at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

For immigrants in Boston’s court, the shutdown will reverberate for years

By , Globe Staff

Nearly 4,000 Massachusetts immigration cases are being held up as the backlog grows, according to a research group at Syracuse University that tracks federal immigration figures.

A patriarch leaves no will and the home he meant for his Cambridge family may be lost

By , Globe Staff

For decades, Marcelle Harrison’s family has lived in a three-story home near Central Square. Now, she stands to lose the home to a group of relatives she barely knows.