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Matthew Bernstein

Matthew Bernstein has been on staff at The Boston Globe since 1997, and since 2006 he has been the paper’s letters editor, where, as a multiplatform editor, he has been responsible for fielding, selecting, and editing readers’ letters; laying out the Inbox section in print; and producing letters online. He also contributes to the web production of op-eds. In addition, Bernstein has written a number of opinion pieces and arts reviews.

He also has been a production editor and editorial design supervisor for the news pages of the Globe, and previously worked as a copy editor and arts critic at The Patriot Ledger and as a copy editor and fact checker at Mosby Consumer Health. He is an avid runner and a music obsessive.

Latest stories

Opinion | Matthew Bernstein

Remembering Walter Becker, mascot of the alienated

By , Globe Staff

For a teenager growing up in the 1970s, Steely Dan was more than a rock band.

Opinion | Matthew Bernstein

Jonathan Demme — a populist of the best sort

By , Globe Staff

He didn’t trade on the lives of ordinary people; he celebrated them and, in the process, made these under-the-surface lives extraordinary.

Opinion | Matthew Bernstein

The expansive artistry of Prince

By , Globe Staff

It’s nearly impossible to imagine Prince ever thinking, “this will be a crossover hit.” Boundaries were beside the point.

opinion | Matthew Bernstein

Marcia Deihl, the letter writer

By ,

The words Deihl sent aloft were like fluttering carrier pigeons, their messages landing gracefully and on target.