Billy Baker

Billy Baker is a reporter on the Narratives Team whose stories tend to focus on people driven by a particular passion.

A native of South Boston, Baker is a graduate of Boston Latin School, Tulane University, and the Columbia Journalism School. In 2017, he received the Deborah Howell Award for Writing Excellence from the American Society of News Editors. He is at work on a book about friendship.

Latest stories

How does an 81-foot-tall monument to the Pilgrims become invisible?

By , Globe Staff

The Forefathers monument was originally conceived to be twice its current size and situated next to Plymouth Rock, but it was scaled down due to a number of factors — including funding problems because of the Civil War — and moved to Allerton Street to accommodate its epic size.

Are you missing Daylight Saving Time? Don’t worry, its backers are still pushing to make it permanent in Mass.

By , Globe Staff

A state bill to get Massachusetts to move to Atlantic Standard Time year-round — the equivalent of staying on daylight saving time all the time — was heard by a house committee last week.

Hidden treasure, a family’s quest, and ‘The Secret’

By , Globe Staff

For 37 years, a hidden treasure lay buried in Boston as thousands pondered the riddle that would lead to its location. Recently, a local family cracked the code.

Amid vaping ban, a quiet club of nicotine addicts may add members

By , Globe Staff

Public health experts are pushing nicotine gum and lozenges as ways to keep people away from tobacco, but many users of nicotine replacement therapies stay on them for years or decades.