Dugan Arnett

Arnett joined the Globe staff as a features writer in 2015. A native of Blue Springs, Mo., he is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Before arriving in Boston, he spent four years as a features and metro reporter at the Kansas City Star.

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A delivery truck mistakenly brought an 86-inch TV to his home — then the cops took him to jail

By , Globe Staff

Nick Memmo was surprised and then happy that he received a huge flat screen TV that he hadn’t ordered. “I thought it was my turn to luck out on something in life,” he said.

For local fencing community, whiff of scandal sparks shock — and jokes

By , Globe Staff

Fencing — that quaint, age-old endeavor of donning armor, a sword, and quietly prodding away at an opponent — has been a stranger to controversy.

This Harvard astronomer’s theory on aliens earned him ridicule. Here’s why he’s standing by it

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After arguing that a curious interstellar object might have come from an alien civilization, Harvard researcher Avi Loeb digs in against the backlash.

As baby boomers and millennials grab headlines, the lost Generation X asks, ‘What about us?’

By , Globe Staff

With a seemingly endless stream of attention on millennials and the aging boomers, Gen-X has been feeling forgotten, unappreciated, and, frankly, a bit left out.