David Abel

An award-winning reporter on the Globe staff since 1999, David Abel has covered war in the Balkans, unrest in Latin America, national security issues in Washington D.C., terrorism in New York and Boston, and climate change and poverty in New England.

Abel, also a documentary filmmaker and an occasional professor of journalism, was part of the team that won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News for the paper’s coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. He now covers the environment for the Globe.

Latest stories

NRC approves sale of Plymouth nuclear plant

By , Globe Staff

Holtec, a New Jersey-based company with no experience in decommissioning a nuclear power plant, will acquire the operating license from Entergy, a Louisiana-based company that has owned the plant since 1999.

‘Codfather’ must cease commercial fishing when he leaves prison and pay $3m fine

By and , Globe Staff

Carlos Rafael must “cease all commercial fishing, except for scalloping, by December 31, 2019,” and “scalloping must cease by March 31, 2020,” NOAA says.

Federal regulators approve sale of Pilgrim nuclear plant

By , Globe Staff

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Tuesday approved the sale of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station to Holtec International, a New Jersey company that has never decommissioned a nuclear plant but has promised to do so with the plant in Plymouth in eight years.

Trump weakens Endangered Species Act, which saved the bald eagle, grizzly, and others

By , Globe Staff

The new rules would make it easier to remove a species from the endangered list and weaken protections for threatened species, the classification one step below endangered.