David Abel

An award-winning reporter on the Globe staff since 1999, David Abel has covered war in the Balkans, unrest in Latin America, national security issues in Washington D.C., terrorism in New York and Boston, and climate change and poverty in New England.

Abel, also a documentary filmmaker and an occasional professor of journalism, was part of the team that won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News for the paper’s coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. He now covers the environment for the Globe.

Latest stories

N.Y. judge rejects suit against ExxonMobil, in case with Mass. implications

By , Globe Staff

In a closely watched lawsuit, the judge rejected allegations by state attorneys that ExxonMobil Corp. misled its investors about the costs of climate change.

Warren releases ‘Blue New Deal,’ a plan to help ailing oceans

By , Globe Staff

The new plan seeks to address how climate change is affecting oceans and other waters, while ensuring a vibrant marine economy, the senator said.

‘Forever chemicals’ are found in MWRA fertilizer, drawing alarm

By , Globe Staff

Regulators have not yet set standards for the amount of PFAS — which are known as “forever chemicals” because they never fully degrade — allowed in waste-water sludge.

Clash along bucolic Maine coast erupts over rockweed

By , Globe Staff

As the rockweed industry has become more lucrative, the number of harvesters has increased, stirring tensions with coastal residents who prize their seaside tranquility.