Grave concern over the lands Harriet Tubman left behind

Many thanks to Rona Kobell for writing about Harriet Tubman’s Chesapeake Bay homeland (“Harriet Tubman’s sinking history,” Ideas, Oct. 27).

As if it weren’t enough to have the current administration in Washington stall the honoring of Tubman on our currency, climate change is taking full advantage of vulnerable black people living in the low-lying areas of the places she left behind. This is the land that was left over after white people typically chose to live at the higher elevations.

It’s the fundamental concern of the climate justice movement that those who are least responsible for climate change suffer its gravest consequences. The poorest people, who would find it the most difficult to relocate, need to relocate. We need the conviction and strength of Harriet Tubman to change our environment and make safe the most vulnerable.

Jan Kubiac