We can’t afford to wait for the election to repair our cracked politics

In an Oct. 27 letter in response to the debate over the president’s use of the word “lynching” (“Word captures the essence of what Democrats are doing”), one reader complains mightily about the House impeachment inquiry. The writer asserts that Democrats should just wait and settle their differences “through elections, not through a coup.”

I don’t understand why Democratic House members are not repeating, over and over again, that Donald Trump, through his misuse of presidential powers and taxpayer money in the case of Ukraine, apparently is working directly to ensure that upcoming elections will not be fair. This behavior must at least be revealed and checked before any election takes place. I know this is obvious, but it needs to be made plain whenever someone says to wait for elections.

Please let us all speak up against this unfair “fairness” argument.

Jana Howe

Merrimack, N.H.