Many reasons to back Charlie Baker’s push to invest in primary care


Atrius Health is pleased to see the Globe editorial board write in support of the governor’s legislative effort to invest in primary care and behavioral health (“Baker looks for health care revolution,” Oct. 27).

During last week’s Health Policy Commission cost trends hearing, we learned how mandatory investments in primary care in Rhode Island enabled better coordination of care; analytics to identify people before they get sicker; and a more accessible and affordable health care system. As a result, the Commonwealth Fund this year ranked Rhode Island as the most improved state for health care in the country.

The Health Policy Commission also reminded us that Massachusetts continues to struggle with hospital admission and readmission rates, exceeding the national average and contributing to rising costs of care. A recent report found that primary care spending decreases expensive emergency department visits and hospitalizations.


Health care organizations across Massachusetts can learn from our neighbors in the Ocean State, and through Governor Baker’s bill, we can create a system that keeps people healthier and reduces costs.

Dr. Steve Strongwater

President and CEO

Atrius Health