That was no way for Baker administration to engage with its constituents

Regarding Joan Vennochi’s Oct. 29 column about proposed Baker administrations changes to the Architectural Access Board’s governance (“Governor’s office gives ‘the runaround to people who can’t run,’ ” Opinion): Having been involved with multifamily housing construction, in the private and public sectors, I’ve had to interact and comply with the AAB regulations on several occasions. While I haven’t always relished having to do so, I understand why these rules are necessary.

However, what really jumped out at me was the governor’s staff refusing to provide their own names to disability rights protesters, let alone the names of those the protesters were told they must interact with in order to go through “appropriate channels.” Sounds rather Trumpian to me.

Where did administration staff learn to respond that way? Beware: A fish rots from the head.

Chris McKeown