Watching his back, Trump lets down our guard

The man with the constitutional responsibility to protect this country repeatedly tried to thwart the investigation.

book review

The trail from Reconstruction to Trump

Henry Louis Gates Jr. chronicles the nation’s long history of racial fear and white resentment


Wynn Resorts should keep gaming license

A sizeable fine and personal consequences for two of the qualifiers would best balance fairness, accountability, and the state’s desire to keep the casino on track.


The government should be doing your taxes — for free

Americans shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of millions on tax preparation services.


Boston’s path to universal preschool offers lessons for other cities

Boston’s journey – some two decades in the making — offers a road map of how other cities in Massachusetts can achieve preschool for all.


A bike lane program to emulate

To their credit, Cambridge transportation officials show a willingness to buck old traditions and embrace innovation, and to keep things moving, safely.


Beacon Hill should pass bills to reduce campus sexual assault

This should be the year a pair of campus-safety bills finally reach the governor’s desk and become law.


Julian Assange shouldn’t be a free speech martyr

As long as the government focuses on computer crimes, it’s a reasonable prosecution of Julian Assange. He isn’t the free-speech martyr he clearly believes himself to be.


Unclear rules for East Boston pot shops

There appears to be no easy way forward in East Boston that won’t muddle the city’s rules on marijuana even more.


Senate must be vigilant in vetting Trump’s Homeland Security picks

The exit of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen makes it clear that President Trump would rather break the law than merely bend it in pursuing his immigration policy.


After suing parody cow account on Twitter, Devin Nunes goes after newspaper for $150 million

Perhaps the congressman should take a break, stop monitoring Twitter and the Fresno Bee and reflect on the purpose of allowing freedom of speech, even when it annoys him.


Spat between Baker and Rollins must lead to real debate on criminal justice reform

The tussle between Charlie Baker and Rachael Rollins should prompt a deeper conversation about criminal justice reform.


Trump doubles down on dubious Fed picks

Herman Cain? Seriously? President Trump reached further into the fringe last week and nominated the former pizza baron for another vacant spot on the Fed.


School lessons: Money alone isn’t the solution

As much as the educational establishment wants a money-only approach, the experiences in Lawrence, in Boston, and in New York City shows that money alone isn’t the answer.


The next frontier for gun control legislation in Massachusetts

Preventing gun violence requires a sustained and vigilant approach. So, what are the policy holes in the state that need to be filled next?


14 days. Americans should count the days until the Mueller report is released to Congress.

Until the Mueller report is released to Congress, the Globe editorial page will remind readers daily how many days the investigation has not been released to Congress.


Time to halt Big Weed’s advance

Do the Cannabis Control Commission and the attorney general have the political will to reverse course and close licensing loopholes?


What is the Democratic Party so afraid of?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s new policy on consulting firms might as well be called the “Incumbent Protection Act.”


Stephen Moore is the wrong man for the Federal Reserve

President Trump’s nomination of Stephen Moore for the Federal Reserve Bank’s board of governors jeopardizes the Fed’s important nonpartisan role in the economy.


MassFiscal: Preaching transparency, practicing hypocrisy

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a conservative “watchdog’ and its family of nonprofits, is becoming ever more adept at bringing dark money into the political process.


Gaming Commission won’t stream Wynn hearing or post report online

Perhaps the state gaming commission’s second look into Wynn Resorts’s suitability is more about going through the motions than conducting a true review.


Proposed Uber, Lyft restrictions at Logan are unfair and unfriendly

Who doesn’t hate bumper to bumper airport traffic? But the Massport proposal to ban Uber and Lyft from curbside service could create a different kind of headache at Logan.

Opinion | Andrew Grainger

Nunes’s ‘anti-cow’ lawsuit is laughable, but it’s no joke

Devin Nunes may be a fool, but his latest assaults on free speech and social media are no laughing matter.


Mueller report key to halting theft of 2020 election

Russians will try to hack another election if President Trump and Congress don’t do more to stop it.


Lack of progress on distracted driving legislation is costing lives

Is this the year the Massachusetts Legislature is finally going to crack down on distracted driving?