Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ staying put in Amsterdam museum

Painting is too delicate to travel

The museum’s conservator pointed out where “Sunflowers” is compromised.

AMSTERDAM — A ‘‘full body scan’’ carried out on the Van Gogh Museum’s version of the Dutch master’s iconic ‘‘Sunflowers’’ has shown the painting is not fit to travel because it’s in ‘‘stable but vulnerable’’ condition, the museum’s director said Thursday.

‘‘We’ve decided that any stresses that the picture could be subjected to were it to travel, were it to be lent, that those might be too risky,’’ director Axel Rueger said. ‘‘So therefore we have decided that from now on, we will not be able to lend the picture any more to other exhibitions to other museums — so it will always stay in Amsterdam.’’

For Van Gogh fans who can’t make it to Amsterdam, the predominantly yellow 1889 painting of a bunch of sunflowers in a vase is based on another version of the work painted a year earlier that is on display at London’s National Gallery. Other versions of the work are in Philadelphia, Tokyo, and Munich.


The painting in Amsterdam is currently undergoing restoration.