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Ukraine’s president pledged to tackle corruption. The resistance is fierce.

President Volodymyr Zelensky catapulted to the presidency of Ukraine last spring on a promise of sweeping away the country’s shadowy web of money and influence. Now, as Zelensky faces pressure to deliver on his promises, he is finding that actually bringing the corrupt officials and oligarchs to heel is a lot harder than satirizing them on his former TV show, “Servant of the People.”

Hunger strikes tend to work only when governments fear the consequences

Hunger strikes have long been used as a form of political and personal protest in places Ireland and South Africa. But in Egypt, they may not have as much leverage.

Donations are pouring into Australia. Now what?

This outpouring has presented new challenges for a country more accustomed to handing out largesse to needier nations than to being the recipient of it. Suddenly, Australia has found itself trying to efficiently distribute huge sums of money and to decipher donors’ sometimes vague intentions.

Finding freedom in a Syria of ever fewer men

The women of eastern Aleppo were rarely visible before the war, but now they shape the bitter peace. In the poor, conservative districts of Syria’s ancient commercial capital, many women seldom used to leave the house, and only with their husbands if they did; the men not only won the bread, but also went out to buy it.

Prince Harry and Meghan to give up royal titles

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, will stop using their royal titles, forgo state funding, and repay millions of dollars in taxpayer money used to refurbish their official residence in Windsor, under an agreement announced by Buckingham Palace on Saturday.

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Riots in Lebanon’s capital leave more than 150 injured

Also, Mexican authorities closed a border entry point in southern Mexico and rare coin sold in England.

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//[1].jpg A bicycle safety measure that should be law

One of the most crucial fixes for bicycle safety is a device for trucks that should be mandatory.

Antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes


// A rampant prescription, a hidden peril

Federal data obtained by the Globe show many nursing homes make heavy use of antipsychotic drugs to pacify residents.

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