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The robots are taking over matchmaking, while family and friends are falling behind

Stanford researchers found that meeting online has become the most popular way couples meet, surpassing introductions through friends and family members.

Earth’s future is being written in fast-melting Greenland

The ice is thousands of years old. It will be gone within a year or two, adding yet more water to rising seas across the planet.

Bald eagle recovering, two bee species marked as endangered in Mass.

The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife is updating its list of endangered, threatened and special concern species.


Cracking the secret of green crabs

A marine biologist studies the genes of an invasive species, seeking to understand how they survive on shores worldwide.

Hawaiian activists prepare for Mauna Kea telescope convoys

Scientists hope the massive telescope they plan to build atop Hawaii’s highest peak, a world-renowned location for astronomy, will help them peer back to the time just after the Big Bang and answer fundamental questions about the universe.

MIT professor renews warning about the possibility of mass extinction event in ocean

Rothman issued a dire warning in 2017 that the oceans, if they absorb too much more carbon from human-caused carbon dioxide emissions, could begin a mass extinction by 2100.


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