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Dogs are helping save Florida’s citrus groves from a devastating disease

As HLB continues to spread with deadly efficiency, some hope dogs will be the heroes to vanquish this crop-destroying foe.

‘My life came crashing down overnight’: How one Boston-area woman nearly died from vaping

A 33-year-old veterinary technician thought she could trust her dealer’s legitimate-looking vapes to help her relax and treat her migraines. Instead, she ended up hospitalized for two weeks.

At 16, she’s a pioneer in the fight to cure sickle cell disease

This is the story of two quests for a sickle cell cure — one by the Obando family and one by a determined scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Stuart Orkin, 73, who has labored against the disease since he was a medical resident in the 1970s.

‘It’s an atomic bomb’: Australia deploys military as fires spread

Searing heat and afternoon winds propelled fires over large swaths of Australia on Saturday, adding to the devastation of a deadly fire season that has now claimed 23 lives.

Chinese medical student accused of trying to smuggle cancer research material out of Boston

Zaosong Zheng’s arrest reflects a wider crackdown by the US government in the past year on Chinese scholars and researchers suspected of espionage and scientific theft.

Boeing’s Starliner off course in orbit after launch debut

The new Starliner capsule will stay in orbit for a few days but won’t dock with the International Space Station as planned.


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