Trump dares Brennan to sue over loss of security clearance

President Donald Trump departs the White House in Washington, Aug. 17, 2018. President Trump on Monday issued a subtle challenge to the attorney general to fire Bruce Ohr, a civil servant who is on a list of people the president was considering stripping of their security clearances. (Eric Thayer/The New York Times)

Eric Thayer/The New York Times

The president said a court case would allow him to obtain documents to show the former CIA director’s role in the Russia inquiry.

First lady Melania Trump attended a Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention summit at the Health Resources and Service Administration on Monday

Melania Trump called for good behavior online. Moments later, her husband logged on to Twitter

Just after she spoke, President Trump unleashed a barrage of tweets in which he called the former CIA director a “hack” and mocked the effectiveness of the Justice Department.

// Here’s what Barack Obama is reading this summer

The former US president shared his reading list online, and it’s filled with romantic comedies. (Just kidding.)



// No exceptions when it comes to politicians and free press

Political figures on both the left and right deserve scrutiny for their treatment of journalists.

Opinion | Andrew J. Bacevich

// Security clearances should terminate with government employment

Why should former officials retain privileged access to state secrets?

// An Elizabeth Warren endorsement would be a boon for Galvin or Zakim. Except it didn’t happen — for either

It would be the golden goose of endorsements, in the thick of a heated campaign: A nod of approval from a popular senator.

// Bryon Hefner made hundreds of harassing phone calls to his treatment facility, police say

Hefner pleaded guilty Monday in Concord District Court to four counts of placing “annoying” telephone calls.

Local politics

No verdict in first Paul Manafort trial after 3 days of deliberations

Federal prosecutors claim that President Trump’s former campaign chairman hid tens of millions of dollars in foreign income.

David McReynolds, 88, socialist and pacifist who twice ran for president

Mr. McReynolds combined a belief in wealth redistribution with a fierce opposition to the Vietnam War and nuclear weapons.

William Galvin faces strongest challenge in 2 decades

This is life back on the campaign trail for Galvin, in the thick of his most competitive challenge since he was elected secretary of state 24 years ago.

Josh Zakim barnstorms across Mass. to raise his profile

“It’s tough to run for statewide office,” said Maurice Cunningham, a political science professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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