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CDC tells states how to prepare for COVID-19 vaccine by early November

However, the possibility of a rollout in late October or early November has also heightened concerns that the Trump administration is seeking to rush the distribution of a vaccine — or simply to hype that one is possible — before Election Day on Nov. 3.

Trump visits Kenosha, calls violence ‘domestic terrorism’

President Trump stood at the epicenter of the latest eruption over racial injustice Tuesday and came down squarely on the side of law enforcement, blaming “domestic terror” for the violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

‘He’s stoking violence’: Biden blames Trump for violence nationwide at Pittsburgh campaign stop

Joe Biden is mounting a more aggressive offense against President Trump with a rare public appearance in Pittsburgh on Monday, where he is saying Trump is contributing to the violence in the streets nationwide.

For some, COVID-19 symptoms linger for months

They call themselves “long-haulers”: COVID-19 patients who continue to endure symptoms weeks and months after their initial infection, despite no sign of the coronavirus remaining in their bodies. Most were never hospitalized, so their lingering symptoms cannot be attributed to the effects of prolonged hospital stays.

A Republican strategist and a Bernie Sanders adviser find common ground: spurring Latino voters to defeat Trump

The alliance between Republican Mike Madrid and Democrat Chuck Rocha is emblematic of the unwieldy tent being built by Democrats to take on what they see as a threat to democracy: Trump and Trumpism.

‘Fanning the flames’: Democrats accuse Trump of stoking violence

Democrats on Sunday accused President Trump of trying to inflame racial tensions to benefit his campaign as he praised supporters who clashed with protesters in Portland, Oregon, where one man died overnight, and announced he will travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin, amid anger over the shooting of another Black man by police.

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Gay marriage in the US

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