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Once again, Emanuel Gomes leading Brockton police

Emanuel Gomes is Brockton’s new acting police chief — his second time leading the department.

Mayor Robert Sullivan, who took office on Jan. 6, appointed Gomes to the position on Jan. 30.

Gomes replaces Captain Steven Williamson, who had been acting chief since October 2019, when John Crowley went on medical leave.


Williamson had been appointed by then acting mayor Moises Rodrigues, who took over as mayor for six months after Mayor William Carpenter died suddenly in July 2019.

Gomes was chief from 2012 until 2014. After Carpenter took office in January 2014, he announced that Gomes would return to his previous rank as captain, and the mayor appointed retired Lawrence police chief Robert Hayden as Brockton’s acting chief. Crowley took over in 2015.

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