Dave Epstein

Record-setting cold air is coming our way this week

Winter storm warnings are posted for heavy snow in far northern New England.
Pivotal Weather
Winter storm warnings are posted for heavy snow in far northern New England.

Veterans Day involved a frontal system stalled north of Boston with cold and snowy weather across parts of Maine, Northern New Hampshire, and Vermont.

A foot of snow can be expected in parts of Maine through Tuesday.
A foot of snow can be expected in parts of Maine through Tuesday.

In Southern New England, it’s a lot milder. But don’t get used to the comfortable air, because things are going to change in a big way over the next 48 hours, with cold records established for most of us.

Tuesday Brings Big Changes

Tuesday morning there’s going to be this tremendous gradient in temperature across the southern half of New England.


It might be near 60 degrees over portions of Cape Cod while already at 30 degrees or colder farther north. A front will bring a couple of showers and then perhaps a few snow showers but the precipitation will not be the main weather story and any snow would be very limited.

There will be a 30 degree difference in Temperatures Tuesday morning across Massachusetts.
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As the frontal system continues to move south and east, all of us will get into the cold and by the end of Tuesday temperatures will drop towards or below freezing. The winds are also going to start to become a factor, lowering the wind chill readings.

On Wednesday morning, with those strong winds, it will feel close to zero at times in some places. Remember, wind chill represents the apparent temperature on exposed skin, so if you’re bundled up it won’t be as uncomfortable, but you’ll definitely need a hat and gloves to start your day Wednesday.

Wind chill readings at sunrise Wednesday are within a few degrees of zero.

The actual temperatures Wednesday are going to remain in the teens for the first part of the day, eventually topping out near freezing. If you look at the map below you’ll see little squares: those are weather stations where the record is likely to be tied or broken Wednesday morning at sunrise during the early-morning low.

Low temperatures Wednesday morning are expected to break some records.

The wind and the cold will continue all day Wednesday. As a matter of fact, the high temperatures Wednesday also will end up being records.


These are the records that are actually even more likely to be broken.

In other words, the high temperature in Boston, predicted to be under 36 degrees, will establish a new record cold high temperature. This particular record is very old, going all the way back to 1874. It’s safe to say this will be the coldest Nov. 13 any of us have experienced.

Each circle is a likely new record cold high temperature predicted for Wednesday.

Thursday will still be a chilly day and it will start once again with near record temperatures but the wind won’t be as bad. Look for moderation on Friday with readings getting back to the 40s, but it’s a return to below-normal temperatures for Saturday.

There was a lot of model agreement that the first half of November was going to be colder than average and there’s no doubt in this particular case that the models were spot on.

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