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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘We debated just ordering drinks, then going to Chipotle’

    Will shared confusion over menu items bond this 911 dispatcher and assistant teacher?

    Av Resnick and Carolyn Margulies.

    AV RESNICK: 21 / 911 dispatcher

    Notable qualities: He’s completed the reserve police academy

    First thing people notice in his home: Guitars and musical instruments


    CAROLYN MARGULIES: 22 / assistant teacher

    Her ideal mate: Paul Rudd as a high school calculus teacher

    Favorite comedian: Mel Brooks



    Av I arrived 30 minutes early, she arrived 15 minutes after the meeting time. (It was her Lyft driver’s first day on the job.)


    Carolyn My driver got lost and had to turn around on the interstate. I apologized and was walked over to my date.

    Av She was pretty and had cute curly hair. She was also shorter than me, always a plus.

    Carolyn He was handsome with a well-maintained beard and hair that was properly gelled (not crunchy). He had a kind smile.


    Av Carolyn is from Florida, recently graduated (studied sociology and French), studied abroad, and plays a handful of instruments. We’re both Jewish, share an interest in law, and have traveled to Israel.

    Carolyn At the outset, I told him I was leaving Boston the day following our date and might not return. I have since signed a job offer to teach in France for a year, so I’m glad we had the conversation.


    Av She was moving and wasn’t sure when or if she’d be returning to this area.

    Carolyn He had recently stopped being vegetarian, and we talked about meat dishes he had and had not tried (I suggested chicken Parmesan).

    Av I looked over the menu online beforehand, but when I looked in the restaurant, I realized I still didn’t know what anything was.

    Carolyn We had no idea what most of the words on the menu meant. We debated just ordering drinks, then going to Chipotle, but decided that we should probably get food.

    Av We ordered shiitake mushrooms, a pickle plate, and “Really Good Peaches” for dessert.

    Carolyn The steamed buns were the best. I would go back just to try them again.


    Av The date ended after dinner (which lasted for a nice 2½ hours). The comfort level naturally shifted in a positive way.

    Carolyn Our senses of humor started to line up more as the night went on. He has a very even temper and was nothing but sweet. Most aspects of our background were very different, but he was respectful.

    Av We finished dessert, exchanged contact information, and waited for her ride.

    Carolyn He hugged me goodbye and I got in the car.

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    Av I don’t think we will, mainly due to the distance.

    Carolyn I would love to keep in contact with him. We still text often about random things (mostly food).


    Av / B+

    Carolyn / A

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