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It’s possible to drive for decades in Boston without an accident. Really.

A UPS driver who’s spent his entire career delivering in the Hub has done just that.

George Thomas is a member of UPS’s esteemed Circle of Honor, meaning he’s gone 25 or more years without an accident on the job.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to drive in Boston without having an accident for decades. George Thomas, who has spent his 30-plus years with UPS making deliveries in the city, was inducted into the company’s Circle of Honor — for drivers who go 25 or more years without an accident — about five years ago.

“I didn’t know it was such a big deal,” he says modestly. It’s a big enough deal that the four circle members at the Summer Street facility where he works get permanent designated parking spots, among other perks.

Thomas admits it’s “pretty challenging” driving in Boston sometimes. “Always expect the unexpected, because people are so distracted in the cars with the influx of cellphones or certain people combing their hair.” His list of road challenges includes drivers who don’t use their directionals, pedestrians talking on cellphones not paying attention, and the ubiquitous Uber drivers, who aren’t as predictable as their cabdriver counterparts.


“You have to stay focused,” Thomas says. “Be aware that you’re actually in a machine . . . and it’s not an extension of your body.”