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When students have to evacuate Spain in two days, emotions run high

Though it was right to leave, we couldn’t help but wallow in heartbreak.


Why a Northampton family is staying put in Spain

Northampton residents are holed up in a apartment with two young children. For now, they say it feels preferable to what they fear they would encounter back home.

‘Skip-gen’ travel trend adds a new segment to the family vacation

According to the AARP, more than a third of grandparents have taken their grandchildren on a trip, leaving parents behind.


Planning ahead for next year’s ski season, plus workouts to do in your hotel room

Travel news you can use.


A missed opportunity. The airline bailout should have come with consumer-friendly strings attached

COVID-19 has created an extraordinary and dire situation for the airlines, but the crisis should also be seen as a much-needed opportunity to make significant changes in the industry.


Can I get a refund on my Airbnb after the coronavirus outbreak?

Laureen McCluen tried to get a refund, but the host refused. Is she out of luck?

Stir crazy? Stuck at home? Take a trip via the movies

These films can take you there.


Loon Mountain looks ahead, and let there be light for camping aficionados

Travel news — and gadgets — you can use.

Tips for cleaning your gear after traveling

Can you catch or spread the virus through your luggage or clothing? Medical experts say the threat is low but suggest several precautions you can take to reduce the worry even more.


A proud dad gets to share a stage with his son

Sasson Gabay had been touring the US in "The Band’s Visit."

Why ‘The Red Lotus’ blooms in Vietnam

To write his book, author Chris Bohjalian needed to see the country. And he needed to see it by bike.

This spring, be a part of the gold rush

Here are some sugarhouses where you can experience the sap-to-syrup process, dig into pancakes, and celebrate the season.

These Maine cabins might make your treehouse dreams come true

Hidden Pond putting finishing touches on luxury 'treetop’ lodges.


‘The Bachelor’ star Ben Higgins would surely give a rose to Roatan

We caught up Higgins, who cohosts a podcast called “Almost Famous,” to talk about all things travel.


Arts and crafts, epic cycling adventures, and a phone grip with multiple uses

Travel news you can use.

How to disinfect your space on an airplane

First things first: Wash your hands.


A new way to travel: by subscription

Advances in technology are opening the door to new ways of providing flights, hotels, and other travel services through memberships.

Planning travel in the era of coronavirus

Can you get a refund? Is it safe to book flights or cruises?

Weird and wonderful Massachusetts: Here’s where to find it

The Commonwealth is a treasure trove of odd things.


Bed hopping in Boston’s newest, hottest hotels

Our travel writer tests out some of the city’s most buzzed about new hotels.


It’s Maine’s birthday but you get the gift of a deal, plus TSA-approved skincare

Travel news you can use.


Can this man bring tourists to Roxbury?

Collin Knight wants to show out-of-towners Roxbury, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain through his new tour company.

Elect to stay at this Provincetown inn

Gabriel’s is the longest continuously run woman-owned inn in New England.


The main goal of the Revolution’s Alexander Büttner? Get back to Ibiza

We caught up with him to talk about all things travel.


VIP treatment at London’s Hotel Café Royal

The hotel is so warm and inviting, it’s tempting to want to stay indoors.


Actor Jonathan von Mering loves Yosemite Valley, redcurrants, and memories of his high school drama teacher

We caught up with Wayland native and ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ actor to talk about all things travel.

Digital tipping is coming to a hotel near you

It's the universal travel faux pas: You arrive at a hotel, receive your luggage from the bellboy, reach into your pockets, scour your wallet, and turn up . . . nothing. There's an app for that.

In Silicon Valley, we set out to find the history of the future

The Computer History Museum was one of our first main stops.


Did someone say ‘all-cookie buffet’? Yes, we did

Travel news you can use.

If you find sleuthing relaxing, these hotels host murder mystery weekends

Feeling clueless? Not at these spots.

Kalil House is a calming Frank Lloyd Wright gem

The Currier Museum in Manchester, N.H., now owns two of the historic homes, and they’re located in the same neighborhood. Tours will start this spring.

Savoring the woods on a snowshoe-y evening

I knew my kids would like snowshoeing as much as I do, especially if the trek ended with some great food.

One fantasy world to rule them all

It’s easy to see the major role Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” (2001-2003) and “The Hobbit” (2011-2013) movie trilogies have assumed in New Zealand tourism.

New Zealand’s North Island is ‘Sweet As’

It took us more than 26 hours to get there, but it was worth the effort, and we would gladly do it again to see more of this mesmerizing country.

5 things to do in Boston this weekend

Here are ways to get out of your home and not be bored in the city this weekend.

5 things to do in Boston this weekend

Here are ways to get out of your home and not be bored in the city this weekend.


Rod Stewart, son face charges after altercation with security guard

The scuffle took place at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Fla., on New Year’s Eve, according to court records.

Here, there, and everywhere

Pet-friendly package deals, island retreats, and good eats

Travel news you can use.

Carnaval winter festival comes to Maine

The event, to be held in Portland Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, is inspired by the wildly popular Carnaval de Quebec and is the first of its kind in Maine in more than 100 years.


The hills are alive with the sound of bovine traffic jams and bike gears

Can an nonathletic, misanthropic writer survive a week biking in the Alps surrounded by strangers?

The world of ‘Never Caught’

Portsmouth, N.H., once gave refuge to George Washington’s runaway slave.

By car, train, plane, and ferry: 4 long weekend winter getaways

We’ve come up with four excursions for every type of traveler, from those who like to hop in the car for a short road trip to those who prefer to take a quick flight for an escape further afield.

Fly by night: Exploring the secretive world of owls

When we saw that Mass Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick was offering Owl Prowl Adventures Under the Moon, we decided to sign up.

You know what’s healthy? The wellness travel industry

It’s now the fastest growing segment of the travel industry, growing more than twice as fast as tourism overall.

Here, there, and everywhere

Here, there, and everywhere

Travel news you can use.


A problem with Hertz lost and found at Logan: Where’s my wallet?

Joseph Ziskovsky had a problem with Hertz lost and found. It found his wallet after he left it in a rental car in Boston. But after Hertz agreed to send it back, has his wallet been lost again?


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