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Moti’s lemonades squeeze onto store shelves

Moti Lemonade Rosewater
Joshua Scott
Moti Lemonade Rosewater

Fans of Moti Bakhtiari’s small, family-style Persian restaurant Moby Dick, a neighborhood staple in the Back Bay, will be familiar with her signature lemonades. Inspired by her mother and using ancient Persian and Arab blends of natural ingredients, she’s been offering them at Moby Dick since the ’90s. For years, many customers bought Moti’s lemonades by the gallon to take home. But now these delectable, sophisticated lemonades are available in stores, cafes, and restaurants all around Greater Boston, and Moti’s son, Mehdi Rahmani, and his business partner/investor, Ahmed Al-Qassimi, are eyeing national and additional products as well. Currently, Moti’s Lemonades come in two flavors — Original Rosewater Lemonade and Rosewater Saffron Lemonade — with lemon juice from Sicily, rosewater from Lebanon, and saffron from Iran. Subtle and not too sweet, both flavors come in custom-made single-serve bottles and are quite refreshing, traditionally prepared to “heal and rejuvenate.” Not for your kids’ curbside lemonade stand. Starting at $2.50, available at area Falafel Kings, Savenor’s Market, Symphony Market, Tremont Market, Bauer Wine & Spirits, among other places.