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A bigger, better Baking Steel sheet

Xxann - Baking Steel Pro for making restaurant-quality pizza. (Baking Steel)
Baking Steel
Baking Steel Pro

Andris Lagsdin’s invention, the Baking Steel, has brought much joy, and beautifully charred crusts, to many passionate home pizza makers. It’s been seven years since the Cohasset resident came up with his super-conductive, 15-pound, quarter-inch-thick honed steel sheet. It heats up to over 500 degrees and makes it possible to create restaurant-quality pizza at home in three to four minutes. Lagsdin knows steel. He works for his family’s steel manufacturing business Stoughton Steel in Hanover. He’s also studied culinary arts and worked as a chef at Todd English’s Figs restaurants. The product has accolades from notables like Serious Eats Kenji Lopez-Alt and James Beard award winning chefs. Over the years, Lagsdin turned out a few other sizes as well as Baking Steel stovetop griddles. He’s recently introduced a new size that might pique the interest of serious home pizza makers — Baking Steel Pro ($169). Weighing in at 23 pounds, with a 16-inch circular shape, you can turn out true New York-style pies with jumbo slices — so large and wide they’re foldable. The moniker “Pro” is a hint, for this version requires more skill to work with than the others. Lagsdin developed the new Steel because enthusiasts often contacted him asking for custom-made ones that were larger. Flex your muscles and get out those extra thick oven mitts. The effort will be worth it. Available at ANN TRIEGER KURLAND