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When a toffee hobby takes off, you get Dave’s Sweet Tooth

When retired Detroit firefighter Dave Chmieleski started making toffee in his home kitchen, friends clamored for the sweet confection, and what started as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion and full-time business. With its real butter, sugar, nuts, and flavorings, Dave’s Sweet Tooth handmade, small batch toffee now has fans around the world. The company’s new Maple Bourbon Pecan Toffee is only one of 10 flavors the company offers, but it’s to die for. A collaboration with Journeyman Distillery, it’s made with Michigan maple sugar, real butter, decadent dark chocolate, and Journeyman Distillery Bourbon, topped with a dusting of pecans. It’s delicious rich and sophisticated, yet surprisingly light, with just enough crunch for a satisfying chew, but not so much you fear for your fillings. Prices range from $2.99 for a snack-size pouch to $118 for the Ultimate Toffee Tasting Gift Pack. Online only.,