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Verb Energy bars give you caffeine boosts without the jitters

Although caffeine consumption often comes with a cost, Boston-based Verb Energy bars bring energy boosts without the drawbacks. “We wanted to have the energy effect that would leave you without having a crash or any of the jitters that are associated with other caffeine sources like coffee or energy drinks, shots, and sodas,” said co-founder Bennett Byerley. Each 90 calorie bar — available in flavors Simply Cocoa, Salted Peanut Butter, and Maple Blueberry — contains the same amount of caffeine as an espresso shot, but instead is derived from a plant-based amino acid called L-theanine found in organic green tea. “It helps reduce the jitters while maintaining the stimulating effect of caffeine,” Byerley said. Inspiration struck Verb Energy co-founder Matt Czarnecki when he felt that he had paid too much money for a coffee while he was studying for an exam at Yale University. “It left him feeling jittery and unsatisfied and he didn’t really think that he was getting a really healthy, nutritious, and good tasting energy boost,” Byerley said. Czarnecki and Byerley teamed up with fellow Yale student Andre Monteiro in 2017 to rent out a local bakery where they made bars each night to sell between classes the following day. After trying 127 recipes, they launched their first product that April. “Effectively, you have a shot of espresso on you at all times,” Byerley said. “We really have been relentless in the pursuit of a product that would fit all of the needs for everyday energy.” A bag of 12 Verb Energy bars can be purchased online for $18, or $16 with a monthly subscription service that can be modified any time via text message.