Bird sightings on Cape Cod

Recent bird sightings on Cape Cod (as of Sept. 10) as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

An American avocet continued at Forest Beach in Chatham, where 3 marbled godwits, 4 American oystercatchers, a Western sandpiper, a black skimmer, 2 glossy ibis, a tricolored heron, and a little blue heron were also seen.

Storm-blown birds included a red-necked phalarope, a long-tailed jaeger, and a Sabine’s gull at First Encounter Beach in Eastham and 3 Caspian terns and 4 Leach’s storm-petrels at Sandy Neck in Barnstable.


Sightings at Race Point in Provincetown included an upland sandpiper, an American golden-plover, 7 red-necked phalaropes, 2 pectoral sandpipers, 2 pomarine jaegers, 17 parasitic jaegers, 4 black-legged kittiwakes, 2 lesser black-backed gulls, 4 black terns, 200 roseate terns, 3,600 common terns, 250 Wilson’s storm-petrels, 4 Leach’s storm-petrels, 2,000 great shearwaters, 120 Manx shearwaters, and 2,200 Northern gannets.

Other sightings around the Cape included a brant in Barnstable, 120 Forster’s terns and a yellow-crowned night-heron at Lieutenant Island in Wellfleet, and a lark sparrow, 2 blue-winged warblers, and 5 Cape May warblers at High Head in North Truro.

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