Mark Wahlberg’s daily schedule is just like mine — with a couple of small fixes

Actor Mark Wahlberg is man on a schedule.
Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images
Actor Mark Wahlberg is man on a schedule.

Mark Wahlberg — he’s just like us!

That’s surely what 40-something suburban dads everywhere thought when Wahlberg, the Dorchester-born co-star of “Daddy’s Home 2,” posted his typical daily schedule on Instagram.

What? You don’t work out twice a day while devoting one hour to actual work? You don’t eat six or seven meals? You don’t own a cryo chamber?


OK, maybe he’s not just like us. But some of us can still relate. For example, I, too, wake up at 2:30 a.m. sometimes and spend half an hour praying — sure, it’s praying that my kid will go back to sleep, but that counts! And with just a few other quick edits, my schedule looks just like Wahlberg’s.

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