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Stephen Colbert to host CBS’s ‘The Late Show’ until 2023

Stephen Colbert will continue to host through 2023.
Timothy Kuratek/CBS
Stephen Colbert will continue to host through 2023.

Stephen Colbert is planning to stay with CBS’s “The Late Show” for at least another three years. This week the comic signed an extension of his contract with CBS. His statement about the new deal: “I’ve been asked by CBS to host The Late Show until 2023, and I have every intention of honoring their subpoena.”

Colbert has become the highest-rated late-night host since he signed on for five years as David Letterman’s successor in 2015. Initially, he was behind “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” but — with the help of the Trump campaign and presidency, perfect material for Colbert’s humor — he has prevailed.

According to Deadline, Colbert has also “secured a substantial salary bump, which is not surprising given his current status as host of the highest-rated and most-watched program in late-night.”


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