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Viewers can sample two episodes of Apple TV+ series for free

Jason Momoa in “See.”
Apple TV Plus via AP
Jason Momoa in “See.”

One more thing about Apple TV+, which launched Friday, and which you’ve been hearing an awful lot about over the past week.

Apple waited until Friday to announce that the public is now able to sample two episodes of most of their new series for free. I do wonder why the company didn’t announce that beforehand; then all of the reviews (including mine) of “The Morning Show,” “For All Mankind,” “See,” and “Dickinson” would have included the information for the curious. Maybe they didn’t want to discourage those ready to pay up front.

The two free episodes are available through the Apple TV app. You will, of course, be asked to sign up for a free week afterward, and then asked to sign up for real (for $4.99 a month), and then asked again, and probably again.


By the way, “The Morning Show,” “For All Mankind,” and “See,” launched with their first three episodes available for subscribers; the rest of the episodes will roll out weekly. Only “Dickinson” has followed the binge model, as the entire 10-episode first season was available right away.

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